Chauvet Bubble King

Bubble Machine Hire

Producing over 100 bubbles per minute! Ideal for creating a magical entrance, keeping kids entertained or even a first dance!

  • Hire Per Day – £35 (Excluding Fluid)
  • 5Ltr Tub Of Fluid – £15
  • 5Ltr Tub Of UV Fluid – £25

Chauvet 1800 Flex Smoke Machine

Smoke Machine Hire

Smoke machines are a great touch at any party, especially Halloween events! These machines can create an awesome atmosphere with lighting effects from just the touch of a button!

  • £35 Per Day (Excluding Fluid)
  • £20 5Ltr Tub Of Fluid
  • Suitable for large venues!
  • Comes with timer remote

Chauvet 2D Hazer

Haze Machine Hire

Haze machines are the more popular choice now days for events. These machines pick out the beams of your lighting effects whilst keeping a constant unnoticed fine mist around the room.

  • Hire Per Day – £35 (Excluding Fluid)
  • 5Ltr Of Fluid – £20
  • Scented Fluid Available

LEDJ 100w UV Par

UV Light Hire

UV Lighting is an essential tool for setting a mood and creating atmosphere for themed events. This LED UV light reaches a longer distance than the old UV cannon and doesn’t overheat as they now use LED bulbs instead of the traditional lamp and reflector. These LED UV Lights are great for any home disco, club or wedding!

  • Hire Per Day – £30